Wildlife Information Liaison Development Society (W.I.L.D.)

W.I.L.D. Society was founded in 1999 to promote conservation and research by networking field biologists and other experts and enthusiasts. WILD’S focus is scientific solution-driven projects. WILD aims to be a conservation actioner for in situ conservation.

Some activities

Publication of a peer reviewed online Journal "Journal of Threatened Taxa (JoTT)".

Coordinating and conducting CAMP or Red list assessments, national, regional, global along with Zoo Outreach Organisation and CBSG, South Asia

Co-organising Annual Meeting of the Reintroduction Specialist Group of South Asia and Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, South Asia along with ZOO

Conducting Population and Habitat Viability Assessments, Field research and trade monitoring of large-bodied spiders

Coordinating and conducting field techniques and taxonomy training workshops for non-charismatic lesser vertebrates and invertebrates along with Zoo Outreach Organisation

Networking amphibian researchers in South Asia representing the Amphibian Specialist Group

Networking reptile researchers in South Asia

Assisting ZOO with their taxon networks for Chiroptera, Rodentia, Insectivora, Primates