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"From an educational standpoint, that helps students become more in tune with language."Tilley said that Twitter Coach Handbags Cheap Online, the popular micro blogging site that lets users tweettext based messages that can't run longer than 140 characters Coach Handbags Cheap Price, is actually easier to integrate into instruction than text messaging because "you can broadcast tweets to a wider audience than texts.""In terms of strategies for creative or critical writing, having a limited number of characters to work with opens up all sorts of cool ways to play with the medium," she said.For example, an English teacher could take a famous character from a novel and ask students to tweet from that character's perspective."It's a good way to get into the psychology of the character Coach Crossbody Bags For Cheap," she said.Teachers could also challenge students to craft micro stories complete with a climax and a denouement in 140 characters. Tilley noted that the flash fiction genre has a distinguished lineage: the famously laconic Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story using just six words "For sale: baby shoes, never worn" and is said to have called it his best work.Tilley argues that most educators make the faulty assumption that text messaging and tweeting are akin to formal writing. According to a recent Pew survey, teens view texting not as writing or as a distraction from "real" communication Coach Luggage Cheap, but on par with informal conversation."People have always spoken informally in short hand codes," she said. Torness had to remove the infected bone behind Joe little toe and put him on IV antibiotics. During his recovery they discovered his blood sugars were way out of whack. He now takes insulin daily, watches what he eats and what on his feet.Joe says, "Big lesson for sure."As soon as Joe gets out of his walking boot he be fitted for diabetic shoes. Coach Purses Cheap Clearance

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