Volume XXXII, Number 5
May 2017 
ISSN 0971-6378 (Print edition); 0973-2543 (Online edition); RNI 
Date of publication 22 May 2017
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Fantastic Facts: Plants for life
Pp. 1-5
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Fantastic Facts: Save biodiversity & beat the heat
-- Sally Walker, Pp. 6-11
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Activity: ABC of Indian Wildlife
Pp. 12-13
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Activity: Sun Mask
P. 14
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Frog Leg: Malabar Narrow-mouthed Frog - Deformities in endemic Uperodon triangularis in Nilgiris
-- P. Santhoshkumar, J. Leona Princy & P. Kannan, Pp. 15-17
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Frog Leg: Sri Lankan Bullfrog - Occurrence of Sri Lankan Bullfrog Uperodon taprobanicus in residential areas of Ankleshwar, Bharuch District, Gujarat
-- Sidat Azaz Asifiqbal, Pp. 18-19
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Plantasia: Merrill's Fimbry - First record of Fimbristylis merrillii from northern India
-- V.P. Prasad, Pp. 20-21
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Reptile Rap: Striped Narrow-headed Snake - Diet of the endemic Xylophis perroteti in Nilgiris
-- P. Santhoshkumar & P. Kannan, Pp. 22-23
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Reptile Rap: Predation of Large-eyed Bronzeback Tree Snake (Dendrelaphis grandoculis) by the Common Vine Snake (Ahaetulla nasuta) at the Silent Valley National Park, Kerala
-- V.P. Praveen & Muhamed Jaffer Palot, Pp. 24-26
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Vet Brief: Surgical Intervention in injured snakes rescued in eastern Assam, India
-- Samshul Ali, Bhaskar Choudhury, Rathin Barman & Abhishek Narayanan, Pp. 27-32
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Ex Situ: Committing to Conservation - The World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy: Creating a Culture of Conservation
Pp. 33-40
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