Volume XXXIII, Number 6
June 2018 
ISSN 0971-6378 (Print edition); 0973-2543 (Online edition); RNI 
Date of publication 21 June 2018
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Fantastic Facts: Fruit Bats of South Asia, Part 1
Pp. 1-4
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Activity: Bat Mask
P. 5
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Bird-o-soar: Spot-bellied Eagle-owl: Range extension of Bubo nipalensis Hodgson, 1836 (Strigiformes: Strigidae) in Odisha, eastern India
-- Nimain Charan Palei, Himanshu Shekhar Palei, Bhakta Padarabinda Rath & Arun Kumar Mishra, Pp. 6-8
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Plantasia: Futteypore Star Chestnut: Melhania futteyporensis (Sterculiaceae): a new record for the flora of Haryana, India
-- Mohan Lal, Nidhan Singh & B.D. Vashistha, Pp. 9-12
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Vet Brief: Cattle Egret: Successful mangement of mudballing in Bubulcus ibis - A case report
-- G. Vijayakumar, S. Radish & B. Sudhakara Reddy, Pp. 13-15
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Vet Brief: A note on Parvo virus (Scabies) infection treatment in Jackals (Canis aureus) at Guindy National Park, Tamil Nadu [Article withdrawn]
-- N. Baskar, Pp. 16-19
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Announcement: Job Opportunity: Centre for Environment Education (CEE) is looking for ‘Park Manager’ for Sundarvan, A Nature Discovery Centre at Ahmedabad
P. 19
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CPSG SA: The next 10 years! CPSG RRC Meet 5-7 June, Minneapolis, USA
-- Sanjay Molur, Pp. 20-21
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Zoo Profile: The sprawling North Carolina Zoo -- a treat for zoo buffs
-- Sanjay Molur, Pp. 22-23
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Indiana Jones of Conservation wins the prestigious Indianapolis Prize! Russ Mittermeier
-- Sanjay Molur, P. 24
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Field Report: Wildlife Educators summer course at Chennai Snake Park
-- R. Rajarathinam, S.R. Ganesh & G. Kannan, Pp. 25-27
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Field Report: Tata Steel Zoological Park celebrates World Environment Day 2018
-- Seema Rani, Pp. 28-30
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Field Report: Summer Zoo at Sundarvan
-- S. Sivakumar, Saymanti Bandyopadhyay & Meena Nareshwar, Pp. 31-32
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Field Report: University of Lucknow observed International Day for Biological Diversity and World Environment Day
-- Amita Kanaujia, Adesh Kumar and Shivangi Mishra, Pp. 33-36
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