Zoo Zen List of subject issues from 1985 - 2009

Zoo Outreach Organisation Z*information Exchange Notebook — better known as Zoo Zen— has also been coming out monthly since the last seventeen years. Instead of an index to the contents of Zoo Zen, we are simply publishing the list of subject matter for the last seventeen years.Readers who want contents of particular issues may write and request them. Zoo Zen actually started a few months before Zoo’s Print and was intended to provide a solution to the personnel problem Indian zoo personnel face of obtaining up to date materials in a timely and affordable manner. Zoo zen began as a monthly compendium of materials from foreign zoo which are appropriate but not readily available in India .   For the past few years, Zoo Zen has also served as a means of publishing longer material from India, such as long Reports, thesis, dissertation, etc., or material that is out of date.

Zoo Zen is so named because it seeks to promote the “zen” of zoo keeping and conservation biology, the art and science, discipline and practice of animal care and conservation.

*A Single asterisk indicates a publication that is original material and not published anywhere else.

** A double asterisk beside the title of an indicates that this material may not so relevant nows as when it was originally reproduced, either because new material has superseeded it (a later issue of Zoo Zen) or because we feel we have published the subject matter more completely in Zoos/E Print.We are advising that people do not order the issues with a double asterisk.

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Volume I August 1985-July 1986

1.1  Hendrearing Facility Handbook,  Friends of National Zoo, Pp 19

1.2   Animal Care Contingency Plan,  AAZPA, Pp 8

1.3   Notes on Crane Rearing,  International Crane Foundation and JWPT, Pp24

1.4   Auckland Zookeeper/Es Manual, Aukland,  Australia

1.5   Milk Composition for Baby Exotics,  Various sources

1.6   ** International Species Inventory System & SSP Handbook,  ISIS and AAZPA.

1.7   **  High Teach Reproductive Techniques for Exotic Animals,  Various Sources

1.8   Mammal Rehabilitation and First Bird Aid, Various Sourcers.

1.9   **  Zoonotic Diseases, 1st edition,  American Association of Zookeepers.

1.10  Animal Husbandry Training Manual (Outline),  Part I,  AAZPA (see below).

1.11  **Animal Husbandry Training Manual,  (Outline) Part II,  AAZPA (will be sent as one book for one price)

1.12   **  Selected articles from Animal Kingdom (New  York Zool.  Soc.  and Zoonooz (San Diego Zoo)


Volume II August 1986 -July 1987

2.1   Notes in Captive Reptile Management,  Chicago Herpetological Society

2.2   *  Notes on Slender and Slow Loris Mgmt.,  Duke Primate Center,  (original material at that time)

2.3   Indian Zoo Bulletin,  Vol. I & II,  vs.  zoo personnel

2.4 Mgmt. of Zoos in India ,  Report of Expt.  Comm.  1972

2.5 Animal Training,  Selected articles from Various Sources

2.6 **  College Courses in Zoo Management

2.7   ** Correspondence Courses in Zoo Management,  Various Sources.

2.8   ** In-House Keeper Training,  Various Sources.

2.9   Exhibit Design,  Peter Karsten,  etc.

2.10   Safety,  Peter Karsten

2.11  Elephant Husbandry,  AAZK

2.12  Animal Nutrition,  Part I,  Peter Karsten


Volume III August 1987- July 1988

3.1   Animal Nutrition,  Part II, Peter Karsten

3.2 Minutes of First Meeting of Zoo Wing of I.B.W.L.,  Govt.  of India

3.3 Transport and Shipping of Animals,  Various Sources

3.4 Pangolins :  Past,  Present and Future,  Reg Hoyt

3.5   ** I.S.I.S.  Update

3.6 ** Pashu Prem, Hindi Journal for Zookeepers,  Translation of material from Animal Keepers Forum,  AAZK

3.7  ** N.  American Regional Studbook for Eld/Es Deer, C. Wemmer

3.8  Bat Conservation,  Susan Barnard and I.C.B.P.

3.9.10 ** Best Articles on Manipur Brow-antlered Deer,  Various Sources (PHVA Briefing Book is better)

3.11  *   Status and Mgmt.  Survey of Manipur Deer in Indian Zoos,  Zoo Outreach Organisation

3.12 *  Pashu Prem,  III,  Hindi Journal for Zookeepers,  Translation of material from various sources


Volume IV  August 1988 -July 1989

4.1 Zoo Design Features,  AAZPA

4.2  Species identification and Animal Psychology, P. Karsten

4.3 Zoo Animal Health,  Various Sources

4.4 Zoo Research,  Various Sources

4.5 Zoo  Pests and Parasites Various,  Various Sources

4.6 Visitors/ -E Studies,  Psychology Institute,  Jacks.  St.U.

4.7  Lesser Cat Husbandry,  Selected Articles,  Various Sources.

4.8  * Z.O.O Manipur Deer Poster,  Calcutta Zoo Herd Book and Zoo Outreach Survey 89 now outdated

4.9   Hygiene and Sanitation,  Peter Karsten,  M.T. Zoo

4.10   Studbooks for Zoo Animals,  Various Sources

4.11   *  Studbook for White Tiger in India,  A.K.  Roy Choudhury,  independent research

4.12  Capture and Handling of Deer,  Nature Conservancy Council. 


Volume V August 1989 - July 1990

5.1  Facts on Flamingos,  Selected articles from various sources.

5.2 Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals,  Various Sources.

5.3  Inbreeding  in Zoo Animals,  Various Sources

5.4  Keeping and Breeding Lesser Pandas,  Various Sources

5.5  Feral Cats in the Zoo :  How to Control,  UFAW

5.6  Zoo Research Projects for College Students, C.A.U.Z. 

5.7  Breeding Wild Waterfowl,  Michael Ounsted

5.8  Captive Breeding Management,  Various Sources

5.9  Husbandry of Vultures and Birds of Prey,  Various Sources

5.10 **Zoo Animal Nutrition:  Commercial Diets

5.11   Zoocraft:  Manipulating Small Populations of Endangered Species,  CBSG  material

5.12   Biology and Management of the Cervidae: Selected articles for use in Indian Zoos, Christen M. Wemmer


Volume VI  August 1990 -July 1991

6.1 Basic Biology,  Taxonomy ,  Physiology for Zookeepers,  P.  Karsten

6.2 * Report :  History,  Status & Management of Cheetahs and Lesser Cats in Indian Zoos,  S. Walker

6.3   Zookeepers Role in Animal Health by Judi Steenburg

6.4   Guidelines for Adequate housing :  Care of non-human  primates in Zoos,  Derzg

6.5   Genetics & Breeding Programms by Leobert  E.M. de Boer, Derzg

6.6   * Indian Regional Studbook,  Report and Historical Listing Himalayan Musk Deer (Moschus chrysogaster) in Indian Breeding Centres,  Zoo Outreach Organisation

6.7   Arcane Articles About Chinese Musk Deer,  Various Sources

6.8   Reintrodution  & Introduction of Wild Animals to the Wild,  Selected articles from various sources

6.9  Zoo Visitor/Es Attitudes towards Wildlife.  Articles from various sources

6.10 C.I.T.E.S.  Documents,  Cites

6.11   How to incubate Rare Birds ‘ Eggs Selection from the incubation Book by Dr. A.F. Anderson Brown

6.12   How to take care of Pheasants — Selections from the book :  Pheasants : their Breeding and Management,  Keith Howman  


Volume VII August 1991 - July 1992

7.1 The Management and Welfare of Invertebrates in Captivity,  Fed.  of  Zoos from Great Britain and Ireland

7.2 Asian Hornbills - Selected articles with particular reference to Breeding in Captivity,  Various Sources

7.3   Reptile Care -  Susan Barnard’s Series from Reptile and Amphibian Potpourri in AKF

7.4   Zoonotic Diseases, 2nd Edition , Compiled and Published by Am.  American Assoc. of Zookeepers,  1990

7.5   Care of Insectivorous Bats,  Susan Barnard.

7.6 Mgmt.  Guidelines for the Welfare of Zoo Animals,  Fed. of Zool.  Gardens of Gt. Britain and Ireland

7.7 Selected Articles : Management of Lion- tailed Macaque,  Various sources

7.8   Vultures-Status and Management report on Vulture on Indian Zoos.  Zoo Outreach Organisation

7.9  Lion-tailed Macaque - International Studbook,  Laurie  Gledhill,  Woodland Pk Zoo

7.10   Lion-tailed Macaque  Bibliography

7.11   Small Population Biology - CBSG

7.12 Population and Habitat Viability Analysis Workshop - CBSG


Volume VIII August 1992-July1993

8.1  General Conservation strategies and Mace-Lande Threat Categories - CBSG

8.2  Genetic background - Global Captive Plan ,  Core Briefing Material - CBSG

8.3 Status and Conservation of the White Winged Wood Duck,  Wildfowl Trust

8.4  Artificial Insemination and Basic Animal care Basic Animal care for Eld/Es deer.  Selected articles from CRC,  Front.  Royal 

8.5 A Wild time at the Zoo:  More Environmental Enrichment for Zoo animals.  Various Sources.

8.6 *  Project Report : Captive breeding and management of Himalayan Monal Pheasant,  K.  Gupta

8.7 * Breeding behaviour in Saurs Crane (Grus antigone  antigone ) By:  Perwez Iqubal.

8.8 Management  Guidelines for  Exotic Cats by the Association of British Wild Animal Keepers

8.9  Historical Documents of Interest to Zoo & Wildlife Personnel.  Indian Board for Wildlife,  1955,  etc.

8.10  Management Guidelines for Bears and Raccoons- by The Association of British Wild Animal Keepers 

8.11  Draft of the Husbandry of Captive Tigers   (Panthera tigris),  AAZPA  Tiger SSP

8.12 An Introductory Study of Gharial (Gavlalis gangeticus) in River Mahandi,  Orissa by L.A.K.  Singh


Volume IX August 1993- July 1994

9.1  Management Welfare & Conservation of Park Deer Proceedings of the 2nd Deer Park Symposium

9.2  The Ecology & Population Dynamics of the Lion Tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus) in South India by Ajith Kumar

9.3Field Action Plan high Points by IUCN,  CBSG, CAT  Specialist Group,  AAZPA Taxon Advisory Group for Fields

9.4  Capsule Veterinary Workshops for conservation of Asiatic Lion & Other Fields

9.5/6   Reproduction,  Genetics and Vety. Medicine High Tech Zoo Science for Conservation

9.7  Selected Research Articles on Captive Fields,  Zoo Biology

9.8  Behaviour Enrichment - a Catalogue of Ideas,  San Diego Zoo Library.

9.9   Animal Training,  Proceedings of a Symposium organised by Universities Federation of Animal Welfare.

9.10  Making a Monkey out of the National Curriculum, Selections from the Twycross Zoo Teacher’s Pack.

9.11 International Conference on Implications of Infectious Diseases for Captive Propagation & Reintroduction Programmes of Threatened Species,  CBSG

9.12 Exhibit Design, Selected articles by Jon Charles Coe of CLRR, Philadelphia,  Part one.


Volume X  August 1994 - July 1995

10.1  Exhibit Design, Selected articles by Jon Charles Coe of CLRR, Philadelphia,  Part two.

10.2 Immunocontraception by Vaccinating Against Pregnancy— Selected Articles,  Jay F.  Kirkpatrick et al

10.3   Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals by Trevor Poole,  Selected Articles from Briefing Material for Zoo/AAWS Training Workshops in Trichur,  Mysore,  Madras,  Hydrabad 

10.4 * Status and Management of Temple Elephants with Forest Camp and Zoo Elephants — A Comparative Study,  V.  Gokula.

10.5 * Status and Conservation of Wild Animals in  Gandhi Zoological Park,  Gwalior —Dissertation submitted to Jiwaji University,  Gwalior by R.K.  Pawer .

10.6  *Nesting Ecology of Gharial in National Chambal Sanctuary, R.J. Rao

10.7 Guidelines for Zoo and Aquarium Libraries, from various sources

10.8  Captive Breeding Conservation and Consumption of Invertebrates, selected articles from various sources.

10.9  Planning for Behavioural and Environmental Enrichment, Articles froom various sources

10.10  Amphibian Medicine, Selected articles from Proceedings of Conference of Reptile and Amphibian Vety. 

10.11  Swap deer, Cervus duvauceli, selected articles for preliminary PHVA briefing material 

10.12  Zoo Animal Welfare through Behavioural Research,  a model for studying bear behaviour,  UFAW


Volume XI August 1995 - July 1996

11.1  Invertebrates in Captivity,  SASI / ITAG Conference Proceedings, Tucson,  Arizona,  1993,  Part I 

11.2 Invertebrates in Captivity , SASI / ITAG Conference Proceedings,  Tucson,  Arizona,  1993,  Part II

11.3  Communications Media for Conservation,  Selected articles from various sources

11.4 A Zoo Biologists Manual,  Wemmer Teare,  Pickett,  National Zoological Park,  Washington,  D.C., Part I

11.5 A Zoo Biologists Manual,  Wemmer Teare,  Pickett,  National Zoological Park, Washington,  D.C.,  Part II

11.6  A Zoo Biologists Manual,  Wemmer Teare,  Pickett,  National Zoological Park, Washington,  D.C.,  Part  III

 11.7 Managements Guidelines for the Welfare of Zoo Animals:  Field Veterinary Guidelines 

11.8 Off Exhibit and Off site Breeding Facilities

11.9  Zoo Animal Nutrition

11.10 Exhibition Design Process

11.11 Mixed Species Exhibits

11.12 Ethogram for Cat Behaviour


Volume  XIII August 1996 - July 1997

12.1  Crisis Management  - Dealing with the Press

12.2  Report of Workshops in  Environmental Enrichment of 1994

12.3 Emergency at the Zoo - Are we ready ? 

12.4  The Thai Zoo Master Plan,  Part I

12.5  The Thai Zoo  Master Plan,  Part II

12.6  The Thai Zoo  Master Plan,  Part III

12.7  The Thai Zoo Master Plan,  Part IV

12.8  Zoo Visitor Studies by Listening to Zoo visitors 

12.9  Zoo History

12.10 Environmental Enrichment in Captive Primates

12.11 Conservation Assessment and Management Plan Manual

12.12 Well- being of Animals in Zoo and Aquarium Sponsored Research,  Part I- Introductory material on Scientists Centre for animal welfare SCAW and their publication and Research and Welfare in Animal Exhibit Facilities


Volume XIII August 1997 - July 1998

13.1 Well - being of Animals in Zoo and Aquarium Sponsored Research,  Part II - Ethical Considerations for Conservation Research

13.2 Well-being of Animals in Zoo and Aquarium Sponsored Research,  Part III -Trends in Environmental Enrichment in Zoos and Aquariums 

13.3  Well-being of Animals in Zoo and Aquarium Sponsored Research,  Part IV - the Role of the Institution Animal Care and Use Committee at Zoo,  Aquaria and the Veterinarians in Protocol Review in Zoos and Aquariums.

13.4 National Breeding Programmes:  Making Zoos Relevant to Conservation - species Survival Plan of the AZA

13.5  Development of Crisis Management Plan for Zoos

13.6 Behavioural Conditioning - Animal Behaviour concerns and solutions,  Part I

13.7 Behavioural Conditioning - Animal Behaviour concerns and solutions,  Part II

13.8 Enrichment Options

13.9  Large Bear Enclosures

13.10 A Study of Invertebrates and Amphibians in-situ and ex-situ

13.11 Zoo Future 2005 : Formulated at the 1995 Futures Search workshop of the World Zoo Organisation - IUDZG (International Union of directors of zoological Gardens).

13.12Zoo Nutrition  : JWPT Dietary Manual 


Volume XIV August 1998 - July 1999

14.1   Ivy Zoo Symposium Proceedings.

14.2 Elephant Husbandry and Facility Hygiene, Alan Roocraft

14.3   Sagion Zoo Master plan, Sagin Zoo and CBSG, SSC,  IUCN

14.4  Holistic Biological Education in the Biopark: Articles by Dr.  Michael Robinson

14.5   The Roma Zoo Masterplan :  the Renovation of a Very Old Zoo, Rome Zoo & CBSG

14.6 From Menageries to Conservation  Centres : Indian Zoos from Independence to Now, Sally Walker

14.7  Useful Articles from Animal Keepers’ Forum on Emergency Situations in Zoos and Behavioural Conditioning.

14.8  Exhibits,  Enrichment and Management : Selected articles on Bears in captivity from various sources to meet the demands of the current bear confiscation crisis

14.9  Animal Welfare and  Science: Ethics and Values, from UFAW Animal  Welfare Journal

14.10 Welfare and Behaviour of Captive Wild Animals,  from UFAW Animal Welfare Journal

14.11  Welfare of Wildlife in the Wild and Rehabilitated Wild animals,  from UFAW Animal Welfare Journal

14.12 Welfare of Lab Animals,  from UFAW Animal Welfare Journal


Volume XV August 1999 - July 2000

15.1   Environmental Enrichment ,from UFAW Animal Welfare Journal

15.2 Behaviour,  from UFAW Animal Welfare Journal

15.3  Reaction : A question and Answer Forum for the Zoo Profession in Crisis Management (from Animal Keeper’s Forum)

15.4  Practical Elephant Management: Experts from a Handbook for Mahouts

15.5  Environmental Enrichment for Primates

15.6Design of new bear facilities: Environmental Enrichment Grouping from the EEP Urside Husbandry Guidelines

15.7  Feeding,  Reproduction, Veterinary Care from EEP Urside Husbandry Guidelines

15.8  Evolution,  systematic and Functional Morphology of the Urside Husbandry Training :  The Ursidae and CITES Transport from EEP Urside Husbandry Guidelines

15.9  Central Zoo, Nepal,  Conservation  Education  Master Plan

15.10 Fruit Bat Husbandry Manual,  AZA Chiroptera Advisory Group

15.11-12   Report on environmental Enhancement to promote the Psychological Well-being of Nonhuman Primates,  U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service,  1999


Volume XVI August 2000 - July 2001

16.1 Falconiformes: Management Guidelines for the Welfare of Zoo Animals. Written & Complied by Jemima Parry Jones, Edited by Gordon T.  Mellor

16.2 Expert Consultation on Blood Borne Diseases,  Diagnosis,  Cure, Prevention,  CZA 

16.3 European Studbook for the Asiatic Lion,  No. 1 1999 complied by Sarah Christie

16.4& 5   Special compendium for South Asian Wildlife zoo and welfare associates of Z.O.O., From UFAW Animal Welfare Journal

16.6  Lots of Zoo Information Websites

16.7 & 8 Zoo Nutrition

16.9 Butterfly Houses,  From the 1996 & 1998 AZA Regional Conference Proceedings

16.10,11 &12  Disease Risk Assessment - Selected Articles


Volume XVII August 2001 – Volume August 2002

17.1,2 & 3  Exhibit Design Articles from Proceedings of American Zoo Association National  Conferences

17.4  Enrichment Options from Animal Keeper’s Forum

17.5 Reactions to CRISIS, CRISIS, CRISIS at the Zoo from Animal Keeper’s Forum

17.6 & 7 Animal Welfare: Special compendium for South Asian Wildlife, Zoo and Welfare Associates of Zoo Outreach Organisation: Selected Articles from Volume 10 Supplement of Animal Welfare Symposium on Consciousness, Cognition and Animal Welfare

17.8 & 9  Special compendium for South Asian Wildlife, Zoo and Welfare Associates of Zoo Outreach Organisation: Selected Articles from Volume 9/4, 2000; 10/1&3, 2001 of Animal Welfare

17.10 Environmental Enrichment Primates

17. 11, 12 & 13  Home Range, Activity and Social Structure of Captive Brown Bears (Ursus arctos) in a Semi Natural Enclosure

Guidelines for a ‘Natural Food Programme’ for captive brown bears

Management and Veterinary Care of European Brown Bears in Large Bear Enclosures.


Volume XVIII September 2002 – Volume July 2003

18. 2 Post-mortem procedures for wildlife veterinarians and field biologists

18.3 Quarantine and Health Screening Protocols for Wildlife Prior to Translocation and Release in to the wild.

18.4 & 5 Encyclopedia of the World’s Zoos: South Asia, South East Asia, Legislation, Licensing and Associations and International Topics and Issues.

18.6 & 7 Zoo (and related) Legislation for South Asia

18.8 & 9  Zoo (and related) Legislation for South East Asia.


18.11 & 12 Exhibit Design from American Zoo Association Regional Conference Proceedings


Volume XIX August 2003 – August 2004

19.1 & 2 Rehabilitation and Release Projects for bears in U. S. & European countries :  possible models

19.3,4 &5 Compendium of articles about various aspects of zoo education all presented by American Zoo Educators from the American Zoo Association (A.Z.A.) at regional conference

19.6,7 & 8 Special compendium for South Asian Wildlife, Zoo and Welfare Associates of Zoo Outreach Organisation:  Selected articles from Volumes 11 & 12

19 .9 &10 Zoo Planning: Design and Landscape Architecture-Proceedings of the Short Term Course organized by Central Zoo Authority & School of Planning and Architecture 2000 by M. Shaheer and S. Suneja

19.11 & 12 and 20.1: “Wild Mammals in Captivity: Principles and Techniques”. Part I: Basic Husbandry by Devra G. Kleiman, Mary E. Allen, Katerina V. Thompson, Susan Lumpkin


Volume XX September 2004-July 2005

20.2, 3 & 4: “Wild Mammals in Captivity: Principles and Techniques”. Part 2 and Part 3: Nutrition and Exhibitry by Devra G. Kleiman, Mary E. Allen, Katerina V. Thompson, Susan Lumpkin

20.5, 6 & 7: “Wild Mammals in Captivity: Principles and Techniques”. Part 4 and Part 5: Population Management for Conservation and Behavior by Devra G. Kleiman, Mary E. Allen, Katerina V. Thompson, Susan Lumpkin

20.8, 9 & 10: “Wild Mammals in Captivity: Principles and Techniques”. Part 6 Reproduction by Devra G. Kleiman, Mary E. Allen, Katerina V. Thompson, Susan Lumpkin

20.11, & 12: “Wild Mammals in Captivity: Principles and Techniques”. Part 7 Captive Mammal Research by Devra G. Kleiman, Mary E. Allen, Katerina V. Thompson, Susan Lumpkin


Volume XXI August-October 2005

21.1,2,3:”Environmental Enrichment Articles from the AAZK Animal Keepers Forum”.


Volume XXI November 2005-January 2006

21.4,5,6:”Communications in Crisis management –Reactions from X years of the American Association of Zoo Keepers Magazine, the Animal keepers forum. Author: Baker, W.K. Feature: Reactions


Volume XXI, February – April 2006

21. 7-9. “ Designing the Ark” – A study of Zoo Architecture in South Africa, Madagascar, China, Sweden and Ukraine (special pre-publication review copy specially permitted for ZOO ZEN readers by the author, Catherine Brinkley, Zoo Ark  www.zooark.com


Volume XXI, May, June – 2006

21. 10-11. “ ABC’s Animal Behaviour Concerns and Solutions – A question and Answer Forum for Animal Professionals.


Volume XX1 & XXII, July – September 2006

21 & 22. 12 & 1-2. “ RRCC – CITES UPDATE,  RRCC – Assisting CITES implementation”.


Volume XXII, October 2006 – January 2007

22. 12 & 3-6. “ RRCC – CITES UPDATE,  RRCC – Assisting CITES implementation”. 


Volume XXII, February - April 2007
22. 7-9 .“ AAZV- Zoo Selected articles for south Asian Vets”.


Volume XXII, May – June 2007
22. 10 - 11. “Environmental Enrichment Articles….Animal keepers Training Experiences.. Animal Training Committee AAZK, INC. From the AAZK Animal Keepers Forum”.


Volume XXII & XXIII, July-August 2007
22 & 23. 12 & 1. “Reactions – A question and Answer Forum for the Zoo Professional on Crisis Management” – By William K. Baker, Jr., Director, Abilene Zoo, Texas, USA – From the AAZK Animal Keepers’ Forum


Volume XXIII, September 2007
23. 2 . Animal Welfare “ Selected articles on Environmental Enrichment”


Volume XXIII, October - November 2007
23. 3 & 4. Animal Welfare “Selected articles on Behaviour and Ethics”


Volume XXIII,  December 2007 – January 2008
23. 5 & 6. Animal Welfare – “Selected articles on Stress in Animals”


Volume XXIII,  February – March 2008
23. 7 & 8. Animal Welfare – “Selected articles on Quality of Life”


Volume XXIII,  April – June 2008
23. 9 -11. Special dedicated issue on Crisis Management in Zoos, From the AAZK Animal Keeper’s Forum (with special permission for reproduction for the South Asian Zoo community from the Board of the American Association of Zoo Keepers.  Our thanks to them)


Volume XXIII,  July 2008
23. 12. Environmental Enrichment Articles..Enrichment Options, from the AAZK Animal Keeper’s Forum, The Shape of Enrichment, A Quarterly Source of Ideas for Enrichment… from the The shape of Enrichment, Inc.

Volume XXIV, August - October 2008
24. 1-3.  CITES Update July 2007 – June 2008.

Volume XXIV, November - December 2008
24. 4-5.   IPS International guidelines for the acquisition, care and breeding of nonhuman primates

Volume XXIV, January – February 2009
24. 6-7.  The Shape of Enrichment – A Quarterly Source of Ideas for Enrichment, from the The Shape of Enrichment, Inc.


Volume XXIV, March – April 2009

24. 8-9. Selected articles on Visitor Behaviour.


Volume XXIV, May – July 2009

24. 10-12. Zoo Animal Training Articles from Various Sources (IZN, Thylacinus and AKF).


Volume XXV, August - October 2009

25. 1-3. ZOO’S INTERVIEWS from ZOOS PRINT (1986-2009)